Exploring the Essence of Tasmania: MG Aromatic's Unique Journey

Welcome to the edge of the world – Tasmania, an island known for its pristine beauty and untouched landscapes. Situated at the southeastern corner of the Australian continent, Tasmania is often referred to as the edge of the world, with the vast expanse of the Antarctic lying further south. Comprising 40% of protected land, including national parks and UNESCO World Heritage sites, Tasmania stands as Australia's natural haven.

Not only does Tasmania boast the world's purest air, serving as a benchmark for air quality, but it also hosts ancient and enchanting primeval forests. The island's ecosystem is rich and diverse, home to rare flora and fauna such as Huon pine, myrtle, and the unique Tasmanian blue gum. Additionally, sprawling vanilla and spice farms add a fragrant touch to this natural paradise. The lavender fields, with a century-long history, produce exquisite lavender essential oils, making them one of Tasmania's iconic attractions.

Enter MG Aromatic, a brand deeply rooted in Tasmania, emanating from the Tasmanian Vanilla and Spice Research Institute. Leveraging native Australian botanicals and aromatic plants from around the world, MG Aromatic introduces the MG Aromatic Efficacy Series and the Maygirls Perfume Collection.

The birthplace of MG Aromatic is the Ossa Farm on Tasmania's Ossa Mountain. Founded by Nox Padson, with an ancestry tracing back to the indigenous Palawa people, MG Aromatic's journey began at the Tasmanian Vanilla and Spice Research Institute, where a range of specific therapeutic aromatic products was developed.

The prototype of the first product, "VITALITY," emerged in the 1990s in the form of a balm in iron cans displayed at the historic Salamanca Market, quickly becoming a daily essential for locals. Following this, the prototype for "EYECONTOUR," a botanical repair balm specifically targeting sun damage around the eyes, was created.

Today, the series, incorporating the latest technology and presented in a convenient roll-on form, represents a fusion of tradition and innovation.

Introducing MG Aromatic's Refreshing Roll-On: Awake and Invigorated

  • Rollerball Massage Design: Convenient and portable, this roll-on provides a revitalizing experience.
  • 10-Second Refreshment: Experience an instant boost in energy, with relief from dizziness and discomfort within 3 minutes, leading to sustained enhanced focus for up to 2 hours.
  • Unique Botanical Fragrance: Infused with plant-based scents and featuring an adorable koala cap, this roll-on is both delightful and irresistible.
  • Combat Fatigue and Improve Concentration: Apply a small amount to the temples, forehead, and behind the ears when feeling fatigued or unfocused, boosting your concentration.
  • Neck and Shoulder Relaxation: Ease tension in the neck and shoulder area by applying and massaging from the collarbone to the neck, activating brain energy.
  • Pulse Points Application: Apply on the wrist's pulse points, inhale deeply to deliver aromatic molecules directly to the lungs, promoting circulation and mental alertness.
  • Motion Sickness Relief: Use on the philtrum and wrist every hour when experiencing motion sickness, preventing discomfort.
  • Summer Relief: Alleviate itching from mosquito bites and stay cool in the summer heat.

Incorporate MG Aromatic's refreshing roll-on into your daily routine, and let Tasmania's natural wonders elevate your senses. Experience the purity and efficacy of these aromatic treasures from the edge of the world.

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