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May fragrance from the end of the world

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Our philosophy

Our story involves integrating iconic Australian animals such as koalas, wombats, sloths, Tasmanian devils, and kangaroos into the packaging design of our products. This is not only to showcase the unique ecological beauty of Australia but also to demonstrate our love for nature and our commitment to wildlife conservation.
We firmly believe that every life deserves respect and protection. We are dedicated to providing a better future for wildlife worldwide, striving to protect their habitats and minimize the impact of human activities on them.

We pledge that for every product sold, we will donate 10% of the sales proceeds to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to support their wildlife conservation projects globally.

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Essential Oil Family Bliss Bundle

Get 40% off our 4 essential oil kits!

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  • “I'm surprised”

    This is a must-have item that I carry with me every day! When I study, I apply it under my nose, which helps me stay alert and the scent can quickly put me into study mode. The aroma is vanilla-scented, and one bottle can last about 1 year. It's a very good essential oil!

    Relieve Headache 
  • “Best new fnd in years!”

    I do have a problem with light sleep and I'm glad I found a natural product that really helped me. Love my maygirls~~

    Promote Sleep 
  • “Saved my dark circles”

    This oil is the best treasure I've bought lately! It's been very useful in relieving my eye fatigue and dark circles!

    Eye Essence 
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May Gilrs®

Beneficial Brain Focus Roll-On Ice Original Pine Shirt Essential Oil

Activate brain energy to enhance concentration
Relieve headache, motion sickness, airsickness, enhance long term memory, can also be used for summer mosquito bites to relieve itching.

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May Gilrs®

Echinacea Oregano Extract Oil

Sharp throat and voice protection to relieve throat discomfort to eliminate foreign body sensation, relieve dry cough, promote smooth breathing, chronic pharyngitis long-term use of effective.

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May Gilrs®

Starlight Light Roll-On Permanent Flower HPR Eye Essence Oil

Firms the eye area to save dark circles and minimize dry lines and fine lines.
Also effective for crow's feet, lines, head and neck lines.
Pre-makeup anti-scratch powder.

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May Gilrs®

Tranquilizing Sleep Aid Rollerball Tower Island Lavender Hops Essential Oil

Tranquilizes the mind and helps you sleep deeply
Relieve stress, relax the nerves, improve the quality of sleep, sleep soundly all night. Convenient and portable, enjoy a deep sleep.

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MG aromatic was born on the Ossa farm in Tasmania, Australia.

Founder Nox Padson, who is one-eighth Australian Aboriginal Gulliver, began her career at the Tasmanian Herb and Spice Institute founded by her parents, developing a range of aromatherapy products with specific benefits based on plants native to Tasmania and mainland Australia.

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