About us

Maygirls - Where Tasmania's Tranquility Meets Aromatherapy Brilliance! 🌿🌸

Greetings from Maygirls, the fragrance haven inspired by the untamed beauty of Tasmania, the edge of the world! 🌏✨ Nestled in the heart of the Tasmanian wilderness, our brand is a celebration of nature's purity and the art of aromatherapy, bringing you an exquisite range of products designed to uplift your senses.

Unveiling Tasmania's Beauty: Our Roots in Nature

Maygirls draws its inspiration from the pristine landscapes of Tasmania, where 40% of the land is embraced by national parks, nature reserves, and World Heritage Sites. It's here, at the edge of the world, that we discovered the secrets of ancient forests, unique flora, and the enchanting lavender fields that have graced the island for centuries.

The Birth of Maygirls: A Tasmanian Tale

Our aromatic journey begins at the renowned Tasmania Vanilla and Spice Research Institute, rooted in the sacred Ossa Farm of Tasmania. Founded by Nox Padson, a visionary with indigenous heritage, Maygirls embraces the essence of native Australian botanicals blended with aromatic treasures from around the globe.

A Symphony of Scents: The MG Aromatic Series

Maygirls introduces the MG Aromatic series, a fusion of cutting-edge technology and the soothing touch of nature. From the iconic "VITALITY," a 90s gem in a vintage iron tin, to the revolutionary "EYECONTOUR," our journey in aromatherapy has been a testament to timeless healing traditions.

Rolling into Serenity: MG Aromatic's Core Delights

Immerse yourself in the world of MG Aromatic, where our roll-on design brings convenience and luxury together. Our signature features:

🌟 Portable Perfection: Compact and easy to carry, our roll-ons are your on-the-go aromatherapy companions.

🌬️ Instant Refreshment: In just 10 seconds, experience a burst of energy. In 3 minutes, kiss dizziness goodbye. For 2 hours, enjoy enhanced focus.

🌿 Botanical Bliss: Crafted with exclusive plant-based fragrances, topped with an adorable koala cap. Smell divine and love it!

Maygirls: Your Oasis of Tranquility

For those days when fatigue clouds your thoughts, apply our roll-on to temples, forehead, and behind the ears. For the stress in your shoulders from hours of study or work, let the roller glide along the neck, activating brain energy with a gentle massage.

Join the Maygirls

Maygirls is more than a brand; it's a lifestyle, an embrace of Tasmania's tranquility in every drop. Join us in the #MaygirlsMagic movement and experience the fusion of nature, science, and a touch of Tasmanian enchantment. May your days be as fresh as Tasmania's air! 🌸